When it comes to Moving Quotes – Get it in Writing!

When it comes to Moving Quotes – Get it in Writing!

When it comes to Moving Quotes: Moving can be a complex and stressful experience, and one of the most important steps in the process is obtaining accurate and reliable moving quotes. At Moving Company Los Angeles, we emphasize the importance of getting your moving quotes in writing. This simple step can save you from unexpected costs, misunderstandings, and a lot of stress. Here’s why getting a written moving quote is essential and how to ensure you receive a fair and transparent estimate.

When it comes to Moving Quotes

Why Get a Written Moving Quote?

1. Clarity and Transparency

Why It’s Important: A written quote provides a clear and detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your move. This transparency helps you understand what you are paying for and ensures there are no hidden fees.

How It Helps: With a written quote, you can see itemized charges for services such as packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking. This allows you to budget accurately and avoid unexpected expenses on moving day.

2. Legal Protection

Why It’s Important: A written quote serves as a legal document that outlines the agreement between you and the moving company. This document can be crucial if any disputes arise regarding the cost or scope of services.

How It Helps: In case of a disagreement, you have a written record that specifies what was agreed upon, providing you with legal leverage to resolve the issue.

3. Avoiding Scams

Why It’s Important: Unfortunately, the moving industry is not immune to scams. Verbal quotes can be easily disputed or altered, leaving you vulnerable to fraudulent practices.

How It Helps: A reputable moving company will always provide a written quote. This commitment to transparency indicates that the company is trustworthy and operates with integrity.

How to Get a Reliable Written Moving Quote

1. Provide Detailed Information

Why It’s Important: The accuracy of your quote depends on the information you provide. Be thorough and honest about the items you need to move and any special requirements.

How to Do It: Make a comprehensive list of all items, including large furniture, fragile items, and any belongings that require special handling. Also, mention any obstacles like stairs or narrow doorways that might affect the move.

2. Request an In-Home Estimate

Why It’s Important: An in-home estimate is more accurate than an estimate provided over the phone or online, as it allows the mover to see your belongings and assess the moving conditions firsthand.

How to Do It: Schedule a visit from the moving company to your home. During this visit, the estimator will take an inventory of your items and discuss any specific needs or concerns you may have.

3. Compare Multiple Quotes

Why It’s Important: Getting multiple quotes allows you to compare prices and services, helping you find the best value for your move.

How to Do It: Contact several reputable moving companies and request written quotes from each. Compare the estimates, paying attention to the services included, the cost breakdown, and any additional fees.

4. Understand the Types of Quotes

Why It’s Important: Moving companies may offer different types of quotes, such as binding estimates, non-binding estimates, and binding not-to-exceed estimates.

How to Do It: Understand the differences between these types of quotes:

  • Binding Estimate: The price is fixed and will not change, regardless of actual weight or time.
  • Non-Binding Estimate: The final cost may be higher or lower than the initial estimate, based on the actual weight of your belongings and other factors.
  • Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate: The price will not exceed the quoted amount, but it could be lower if the actual weight or time is less than estimated.

5. Read the Fine Print

Why It’s Important: The fine print of your moving contract can contain important details about fees, services, and terms that could impact your move.

How to Do It: Carefully review the entire quote, including any terms and conditions. Ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of the quote. Make sure everything you discussed is documented in writing.


Getting a written moving quote is a critical step in ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. It provides clarity, legal protection, and helps you avoid scams. At Moving Company Los Angeles, we are committed to providing transparent and accurate written quotes to all our customers.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your move is in good hands.