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Moving Checklist

This moving checklist will help you to prepare for your move It provides a helpful timeline of moving tips and checklists to minimize moving stress and get organized. 

Packing Tips

Packing are often overwhelming, particularly if live in your home for more than 3 years. It’s very difficult, emotionally and physically,  task to put all your items into boxes. Moving Company Los Angeles offers professional packing services before your move.

However, if you decided to pack everything by yourself, we gathered best advises from our packer and movers for your convenience. Check out our team members packing tips, then get your boxes packed.


Valuation is an estimate of value, as determined by the customer, of how much your goods are worth. It provides that, in the event of lost or damaged goods, the way in which those goods are recovered and how you are compensated for them. 
**It is extremely important that you stipulate these terms on your moving contract with your movers before your move begins!**

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