8 Moving Hacks for The Hopelessly Disorganized- Ultimate Guide

8 Moving Hacks for The Hopelessly Disorganized- Ultimate Guide

It’s challenging to maintain your composure when packing up your entire life and putting it all back together in a new location. With the big day looming on the horizon, you may be wondering if it is even feasible to complete a stress-free relocation in a well-organized manner before the deadline. You’ve read every piece of moving advice you can get your hands on, but none of the “tricks” you’ve learned seem to do the chore of relocating any less intimidating. What you need are some significant moving tricks to assist you in getting through the process as swiftly, efficiently, and affordably as you possibly can.

Check out the list of surefire moving hacks for the hopelessly disorganized below to make this move the simplest one you’ve ever experienced!


Packing is one of the most challenging aspects of the moving process. While frantically packing goods into boxes, it is practically impossible to keep everything tidy. It is also far too time-consuming to bother with. After all, who has the time to painstakingly put pre-sorted stuff into boxes while also keeping track of every item in each box? These packing suggestions will assist you in getting the task done while remaining organized throughout the process.

Clothes for Packing

The Tip: Place garbage bags right over your garments on hooks to keep them from falling off.

Consider how much time and work it would take to make all of your clothing off the hangers and fold them, then store the hangers in bags and boxes before reassembling everything in a new closet (plus the stress about having to remove stains like ink from clothes in case they get dirty). Slide garbage bags over groups of hanging garments to save yourself the time and effort of putting them all in inboxes. Unpacking is as simple as turning the bag of clothing in your new closet and removing the rubbish bag from the bag.

Shoes for Packing

The Tip: Before packing your shoes, pair them up and wrap them in a newspaper.

Packing shoes is as simple as tossing them into boxes, but unpacking can be a complete disaster. Instead, turn your jumble of mismatched shoes into rows of perfectly matched shoes by placing them in pairs and wrapping them in newspaper or packing paper before putting them in the box, starting with your heaviest shoes and working your way down. This helpful packing tip can help protect the rest of your shoes from becoming dirty from the muddy hiking boots you didn’t have time to clean before leaving for your trip. You can get the whole instructions for packing shoes by clicking here.

A bonus tip: Stuff a pair of socks inside your shoes to prevent them from becoming deformed during the journey.

Dishes for Packing

The Hack: Stack plates on top of each other with styrofoam plates in the middle.

Advice on how to pack dishes in kitchen

Use inexpensive styrofoam plates as cushioning to protect your delicate items and your money at the same time. This moving advice can save you a significant amount of time and money. T-shirts and blankets may be used as additional cushioning around your dishes to save even more money.

Power cords are being packed

The Hack: To keep your cords contained and organized, use toilet paper rolls as containers.

Packing all of your wires into a single box will almost certainly result in a big tangle of cables. Avoid the tension by wrapping each cord in a toilet paper roll and fastening it with a rubber band. Make a label for each roll and arrange them together in a container.

Jewelry is packed in a box

Egg cartons may be recycled by using them to sort jewelry, as demonstrated in this hack.

Keep your necklaces and bangles from becoming tangled by storing them in distinct spaces in an egg carton (see illustration). Jewelry cleaning should be used to clean your genuine items, and baby shampoo should be used to clean anything else before you start. It’s essential to dry completely before rolling each piece up and nesting it in the container. If you follow this environmentally friendly packing technique, unpacking will breeze. If you intend to keep your jewelry for an extended period of time, make sure you take the necessary procedures to keep it safe.

Makeup for Packing

The Hack: Place cotton balls inside your compacts to keep them from falling out.

What to Pack for Makeup

Cotton balls will function as cushions, preventing your pricey powders from fracturing during transport. Nobody likes to take their cosmetic bag out of their bag and discover a rainbow coating of eyeshadow all over the place. So protect your compacts with the cotton balls that you have on hand to avoid a calamity from occurring.

Bottles for Packing

The Tip: Before screwing on the lid, cover it with plastic wrap to prevent it from opening.

Gather all of your open bottles – shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, and so on – and place a layer of plastic wrap between the opening of the bottle and the top of the bottle. This innovative packing method can help you avoid spills and explosions that can be nasty.

Packing Large and Bulky Items

The Solution: Pack all of your heavier items in suitcases.

Heavy objects should be transported in rolling suitcases. It will be much simpler to transfer heavy boxes in this manner rather than trying to lift them. Your back will thank you for opting for a suitcase over a backpack.

Bonus tip: Make triangle holes in the edges of moving boxes to facilitate transport. Having handles to hold on to will make the task of unloading big boxes much less challenging to complete.


When it comes to relocating, a few basic tactics may make all the difference in the world. By following these time-saving and money-saving moving hacks for the hopelessly disorganized, you will save both time and money. In addition, these moving techniques will ensure that your relocation is both orderly and stress-free.