How to Pack Efficiently for a Move: Tips and Tricks

How to Pack Efficiently for a Move: Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering how to pack efficiently for a move? Moving can be a stressful process. Packing efficiently for a move is not always easy, but following these tips and tricks will help you fill it without feeling too overwhelmed!

Make a list of what you’re going to need for your move

Pack your most essential belongings first, like your computer or jewelry box. These things you need to access with ease on moving day, so having them closer will make this easier for everyone involved! Label boxes accordingly and pack these items in a separate room from where you’re packing other less essential items.

Pack your clothes in one suitcase and pack the rest of your items in boxes

Separate your clothing into one suitcase, and pack clothes that are similar together. For example, you should put all of your long-sleeved shirts in the same bag then fold them. You can also do this with pants or shoes if necessary! This will make unpacking much easier for whoever is helping you unpack after the move.

Label each box with its contents 

Labeling your boxes will save your time unpacking, especially if several people are helping you. This may seem like an useless step but trust us! You’ll want to know what’s in each box before taking the time to open them all up and unpack every item individually.

Use moving blankets as extra padding for fragile or breakable items 

Moving blankets are one of the best things you can use to protect your items during a move. They’re thick and durable, so they offer some extra cushioning and protection from dust and dirt! You’ll probably want several moving blankets, especially if you have large glass or porcelain dishes that need to be packed securely.

Wrap up furniture before putting them into the truck 

Whether you’re using a moving company or just renting your truck, it’s essential to protect the items that are being moved. Wrapping up furniture and padding sharp corners with cardboard will ensure that nothing gets damaged during transportation, making unloading at your new home much more accessible!

When packing dishes, use dish towels

Plates and bowls can be packed into boxes with dishtowels wrapped around the edges. This will keep them from bumping up against each other, which could lead to chipping or even breaking! It’s always a good idea to pack breakable dishes in the center of your box, so they don’t move too much during transportation.

Keep an inventory list of all your belongings in case you need it later

Keeping track of all your belongings is one of the best ways to ensure nothing gets lost between packing up and arriving at your new home. Of course, you can use an inventory list or even a simple piece of paper with diagrams if you prefer, but whatever, don’t forget this step! This will help simplify unpacking later on so that everything gets returned to its proper place.

Put heavier items on the bottom 

Putting heavier items on the bottom is a simple tip that will help you carry boxes more easily. You can also put heavy items closer to the center of your box, so they don’t become too lopsided when stacked with other boxes! If there are any weighty objects in your home, try packing them up last since these are the ones that will be the most difficult to lift.


So you know now, how to pack efficiently for a move. We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful as you prepare for your upcoming move. To stay up-to-date on all of our blog posts, be sure to subscribe below or follow us on social media! If you have any questions about how to pack for moving efficiently, shoot us a message now.