How to Pack a Television for Moving: The Definitive Guide

How to Pack a Television for Moving: The Definitive Guide

How to pack a television for moving? Packing a television can be tricky. There are many several considerations to take into account, and it may not always go as planned. In our blog post, you are going to learn how to pack your television for moving.

In addition to providing tips for packing your TV, we will also cover what packing materials you need in order to move a flat screen TV from one location to another successfully. Here are the best ways to pack tv for move.

Measure the size of your television 

When you are looking for moving boxes, be sure to check the size of your TV. If there is no law about this where you live, try to find out if it will be difficult or easy for movers to move your belongings into the truck. If you do not have enough space in the truck, some of your belongings may be left behind or lost!

To avoid this issue and make moving easier for yourself, find out ahead of time if your TV will fit into your new place and how many boxes can go with it. 

Pack the television in a box with plenty of bubble wrap 

After you have measured your TV, it is time to packing a tv. If possible, use a box that exactly matches the size of your TV so that there will be no room for movement within the box itself. Before packing anything into the television’s original packaging (if applicable), place bubble wrap on top and underneath in order to protect it from damage. Once you have put bubble wrap, cover it in packing peanuts so that they surround the TV and fill the box with them. 

Use a dishtowel to cover up the screen

Once you have placed your TV in the box, another layer of protection is needed to protect the tv. This time it will come from a dish towel or moving blanket that can be used to cover up the screen. Again, make sure not to use anything too thin because this could damage both sides of the television if it moved around in the box.

Add an extra layer of protection by wrapping it in two layers of bubble wrap

After you have your television packed and ready to be moved, it is time for one more layer of protection. To be sure that the TV does not get damaged during the moving process, we recommend using two layers of wrap on top before placing it inside a cardboard box with plenty of cushioning. Remember to use packing tape every few inches along all sides to keep everything in place.

Place the TV on top of other fragile items

Finally, the last way to protect your TV is to place it on top of other fragile items during transport. If possible, load up your box with soft and easily breakable objects that will cushion your television if something happens while moving or unloading everything at its destination.

Label your boxes clearly with their contents and destination address 

In addition to the steps above, be sure that your boxes are labeled clearly and accurately. You should mark each box with a marker or pen so that anyone handling them will know what they contain and where it needs to go once its contents have been unloaded from the moving truck. This way, you don’t run the risk of having an accident!

Don’t forget to include all cables 

Moving is a busy time, and many people forget to bring all of the necessary items that they might need. For example, after you have packed up your TV, make sure to include any cables or wires for connecting it (e.g., HDMI cables, power cord). This will save you from rushing around at the last minute trying to buy them while everyone else is packing up the truck to drive off. After doing these you are ready to pack and move.


We have answered your “how to pack a television for moving” question in this article. We hope you found these packing a messy house to move tips helpful, and we’re excited to share more of our packing tips with you. You can follow our step-by-step guide or hire a professional moving company like Moving Company Los Angeles. Check back soon for our next blog posts!