How To Pack A Printer In Office Moving?

How To Pack A Printer In Office Moving?

How to pack a printer in office moving? If you are going to transport the printer a certain distance, you must prepare it for moving in its original box or similar.

When storing or moving the printer, do not shake it, position it vertically, or turn it upside down, otherwise ink may leak.

When storing or moving an ink bottle after its cap has been opened, do not lay the bottle on its side and do not expose it to shock or temperature changes. Otherwise, ink leakage may occur even if the cap of the ink bottle is tightly closed. Be sure to keep the ink bottle upright when tightening the cap, and take precautions to prevent ink leakage when handling the bottle.

How To Pack A Printer In Office Moving?

Open the document cover, then open the cartridge cover. Fasten the piece with tape. If the print head is not in the right home position, turn on the printer and wait until the print head locks into the home position. Then turn off the printer.

  • Close the holder cover, then close the document cover.
  • Set the transport lock to the locked position.
  • Unplug the cable, then disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  • Close the paper support and output tray.

How To Pack A Printer In Office Moving?

How to pack a printer in office moving? Keep the printer as straight as possible during moving. After moving, remove the tape that secures the printhead and set the transport lock to the unlocked position. If you think the print quality is declining, perform a cleaning or align the printhead. For instructions, you can read our migration guide.

In general, we explained what we should pay attention to during moving. Now let’s give detailed information about office moving.

It is very important for you to find a reliable company while getting office moving service. Offices are often full of important paperwork. In case of any damage to these documents during moving, you may incur great damage to the company you are carrying. Therefore, it will be much safer for you to choose companies that provide reliable office relocation services.

When researching among the companies that provide office moving services, be sure to examine the services they offer you. If you only do price-based research, you may be the victim in the end. When purchasing office moving service, you should definitely ask for insured moving service.

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