How to Move the Washing Machine?

How to Move the Washing Machine?

How to Move the Washing Machine? In the case of moving and moving everything, including household items, you will inevitably encounter the problem of moving the washing machine. After all, it is impossible to carry as ordinary bulky things. Many questions arise: is it possible to moving an automatic washing machine on its side, is it possible to moving it without packaging, is it also possible to moving it without shipping bolts and anything else? We will try to answer them within the framework of this article.

Before moving, the washing machine will be correctly placed in its original packaging and put foam or foam on the wall, but this is ideal. Most often, the washing machine that has been operating for more than a year has not only protected packaging, but also any components and binders in general. Therefore, you will have to improvise during transportation. In the process of preparing the washing machine for shipping, you must first do the following.

Unplug the washing machine from electrical and plumbing. At first glance this seems ridiculous, but there are numerous cases where the machine starts to move without disconnecting the hoses or one of the hoses. And often and not just unplugging the power cord. What will happen next is easy to predict.

How to Move the Washing Machine?

  • Remove any remaining water from the machine. Water lingers in hoses, pipes, drain pump and can cause problems when moving a household appliance.
  • Secure the hoses, wires and sunroof so they don’t all get stuck and interfere with the washing machine’s transport.
  • Cover all sharp corners and sharp parts of the washing machine with tape to prevent personal injury when moving them.
  • After that, you need to take measures to fix the tank of the washing machine. The best fixing option is moving bolts screwed through the holes in the back of the washing machine.

If the moving bolts are not protected, you need to open the upper wall of the washing machine, unscrew a few bolts for this, and then put foam rubber, polystyrene, cleaning cloths and the like in the gap between the tank and the walls. Then you need to return the upper wall with the fasteners.

After the tank is fixed, wrap the washing machine body with a cloth and tie it with a twine. If you do all of the above, you can successfully transport the machine without its original packaging, you just need to be careful.

How to Move the Washing Machine? After the washing machine has been properly prepared for transport, it can be transported and loaded into the vehicle. Usually, you need to lower the machine from the top floor of a multi-storey building; this is quite difficult when you consider the dimensions and weight of this equipment. Experts recommend not to overturn the washing machine when moving it to the car. The only thing allowed is a slight retreat.

Next, you need to decide how the automatic washing machine will be loaded into the car. There are several options for the correct loading of the washing machine, the choice of option depends on the characteristics of the car. Everything is easier if it is a large truck, a domestic passenger car is more complex. You can move a machine:
in a natural location

  1. standing;
  2. on the side wall;
  3. on the back wall.

According to experts, the best option for transporting a washing machine is standing, provided the tank is stationary. The machine should be turned sideways in the direction of car movement. At the same time, if there are other things in general in the car body, you need to place the washing machine so that it touches between them. In this case, the shock absorbers remain intact and there are no pipes and contacts.

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