Best Moving Company USA

Best Moving Company USA

If you are looking for the best moving company USA company then you are in the right place. With 16 years of experience, we work with a fully equipped infrastructure in the field of house moving. As Moving Company Los Angeles, if the reason for your call is to move your house, you can get professional service at cheap prices from us. Thanks to the know-how we have acquired, we are able to transport the homes of our valued customers without any problems. We have shipping services in California’s Los Angeles, Riverside, Costa Mesa and Orange County areas.

As a company among the best moving company USA, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We pay attention to the hygiene and health rules as much as we can during the Covid-19 process we are in. We disinfect our tools and equipment after every job. Health checks of all our employees working in all departments of our company have been made.

How Does the Moving Process Work?

It is necessary to make the right plan in order not to have any problems during moving in Los Angeles. To do this, you need to exchange information. Let’s talk briefly about what we will do.


Appraisal Phase

During the appraisal phase of moving from house to house, we come to an agreement on both meeting and identifying the goods. During this process, all the work is planned, from pricing to areas where elevators and trucks will dock. The moving date is set. If there are additional services that you want to receive from us, these are determined and a contract is made to start the work.


Moving Day Collecting

On the day of moving house, we first start with the collection of small items. In order to facilitate the moving and packaging of large items, the items under the feet are placed in the parcels. Kitchen utensils, shoes, trinkets are all collected and the next step is taken. By the way, you must have collected your clothes and textile materials beforehand.


Furniture and White Goods Assembly Process

The best moving company USA companies, since our company will be moved with packaging after the collection process, large items are subjected to the assembly process. Furniture such as bedroom cabinet, tv unit are dismantled. The white goods are removed and the safety screws, if any, are attached. It becomes ready for packaging. Sofa sets, at least if their arms are mounted, are removed and made to pass through the doors.


Packaging Stage

The most important step for moving from home to home in Los Angeles is the packaging process. Packaged moving is the most effective method to ensure that your belongings are not damaged during moving. As a company, we pack your goods with quality materials.


Upload Phase

After all the items are ready, the loading phase starts. Loading is just as important as packaging. If it is not properly stacked in the vehicle, the goods may be damaged. Large and heavy items are stacked at the bottom, and light items at the top. In addition, the items that you need to use immediately at home are loaded into the vehicle last and downloaded first. For example, items such as glasses, plates, oven stoves and cleaning materials. If it is to be moved from high floors, our elevator moving vehicle is installed and the moving is carried out.


We are working on the weekend

As the best moving company USA, one of the many questions we get from our customers is whether we work on the weekend. As a company, we also work on weekends. Our call center is always ready to serve you. You can contact our company for transportation on Saturday and Sunday. If you make an appointment in advance, we move your house at the weekend.

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