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Berkeley Moving Company

Berkeley Moving Company. When moving your home, the first thing that is usually done is to make an agreement with a moving company. When this is the case, the first question in the minds of those who want to move their house is “what does the moving service cover”. In this article, I will talk about the services provided and covered by home moving companies. You can get detailed information by reading the rest of our article.

Berkeley Moving Company; It covers the packaging, loading, unloading, placement, assembly and disassembly of all goods. 90% of house moving companies provide these services included in the moving price. If there is another service you want to add, it will be added to the services to be provided if you forward it to the company you will move to.

Packing of Goods

The moving company you have agreed with will provide you with the packaging service. With the packaging service, all the items in your home are packed. In this way, your belongings will be transported to their new address without any damage. The moving company you have agreed with will not charge you additional fees for the packaging process. The agreed price includes this service.

Loading of Items

The company you plan to move will load all the items you want to be transported on a regular basis. The moving company may use building stairs, building elevators or exterior elevators when loading your goods. These will vary according to your floor number. When the exterior elevator is used, the moving price will increase. However, the company you have agreed with should notify you of this and give a price accordingly. These services are among the services covered by home delivery.

Unloading of Items

When you agree with a house moving company, they will load all your belongings in an orderly manner. When he brings the goods he has loaded to his new address, he will carefully unload it to your new apartment. In addition, depending on the number of floors, moving elevators, building elevators or building stairs can be used while unloading the goods.

Placement of Items

While the moving company you have agreed with will unload your belongings to your new flat, they will place them according to your wishes. It will be enough to tell the company where you want your belongings to be placed. If you think about what the moving from home to home covers, it also covers the placement of your belongings.

Assembly and De-Assembly of Goods

The company you have agreed to move will do the assembly and disassembly of all your belongings that are deemed necessary. As an example, I can show your wardrobe, dining table, television unit and similar items. Of course, if the items can be transported without being disassembled, it will be the first choice. In addition, this service is among the services covered by home delivery.

What is Included in Home Delivery?

Berkeley Moving Company includes loading, packaging, disassembly and installation of all your belongings, where necessary, as well as their placement. The company you have agreed with or will make an agreement with will provide these services at the price you are told. Services that require an extra fee are packing and exterior elevators.

What Does the Moving  Service Not Cover?

House moving companies carry out chandelier dismantling, stove disassembly, television and roller blind disassembly. However, unfortunately, he cannot perform the installation service of these dismantled items. The reason for this is that moving companies are not experts in these areas. We can remove the stove, but an error in the stove installation can cause gas leakage, which can lead to bigger problems. Likewise, it is because we understand electrical works in the chandelier connection process. Unfortunately, we cannot do this if the TV is to be mounted on the wall. Home delivery does not cover such transactions.

Importance of Expertise Service

You should definitely get an appraisal service from the moving company you plan to move. Because you can get a net price about what kind of services the company you are planning to move offers you, what the house moving service you will receive, and your move. There are 2 ways in appraisal service. The first of these is the telephone conversation. The other is on-site observation and appraisal service.

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