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Where To Dump Moving Boxes | Moving Tips


The moving finished. All items are tidy and everyday life can begin. If you store moving boxes after the move, valuable storage space for other stuff is lost. Therefore, especially the cardboard boxes are a problem, but we have several solutions. The easiest way is to dispose of all the moving boxes. However, valuable resources are wasted and the environment is polluted.

Moving boxes are not for the trash can!

There are many reasons against it, to put moving boxes in the usual waste paper container. On the one hand, the cartons need an enormous volume. On the other hand, the cost of crushing or folding is tedious and time-consuming. Knowledgeable know that it is also not allowed to eliminate these high-quality tools on the biowaste or household waste. It would be much better to put another well-preserved cardboard packaging boxes into another use. Below are some interesting alternatives for a sustainable disposal of moving boxes shown.

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Store moving boxes until they are passed on

With sufficient accommodation in empty garages, basements or barns, used moving boxes in these areas can be protected from the bad weather. If a flea market takes place in the vicinity, to which the cardboard boxes can be transported, a sale for a small fee is advantageous. Anyone who has to cope with a move in the foreseeable future will be happy to buy these moving boxes cheap, especially since these can be used multiple times. The prices should, of course, be in a reasonable limit. For larger quantities discounts would be advantageous.

Use moving boxes as organizing systems

In order to find reliable packaging for all sorts of things, which is also stackable, moving boxes are perfect for your own needs. Specially made of plastic products are very durable and timeless. They are used to keep tools, toys, clothing or craft items.

Give away moving boxes

If you do not need your moving boxes anymore, you can give them away as well. For needy people, the free packaging is a great support. About donated items or social department stores, these products can be passed on quickly and easily. Sometimes it is also rumored that a neighbor, a relative or an acquaintance wants to move. It would be fitting to hand over the packaging. Maybe not for money, but for a service or for a packet of coffee.

If the moving boxes are no longer useful, then they belong in the waste paper collection. They are then recycled and pressed again to new corrugated board. So you can also get rid of moving boxes after the move, without burdening the environment.

Return moving boxes to the moving companies

Customer-friendly moving companies, which have adjusted to the needs of the roving, offer as a service, the free return of moving boxes. If these are undamaged, some removal firms will even surprise your customers with a pick-up directly from home. After a call or e-mail, employees simply come by for an appointment and take the boxes with them.

Reselling moving boxes

In order to sell moving boxes cheaply, these should best be offered through advertisements. These can be used in regional newspapers or online. Sometimes word of mouth helps. Public ads are also a way to set up moving boxes as a gift.

do without cardboard boxes

In contrast to the rental of normal paperboard cardboard boxes, plastic boxes are increasingly becoming popular. These products can replace hundreds of cardboard boxes when reused. Only after a very long time, when these plastic products have actually served, they are recycled. That is, it will create new plastic containers again. Traditional paperboard cardboard boxes survive a maximum of four moves. The plastic boxes last much longer.

Borrow moving boxes

A less practiced approach, but more and more prevalent, is the lending of the moving boxes. Boxes or plastic containers are offered in the classifieds for borrowing. The price is agreed upon and after the move, the boxes come back to the owner. Thus, much fewer moving boxes get into circulation. Who uses this variant, the cartons immediately after the move again and does not have to engage themselves for their disposal.

How to find cheap moving boxes for your move and what to look for when buying, you will find in our article Moving Box: buy, borrow or eco-friendly box ?

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