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Moving Boxes: Buy, Borrow or Go Eco-friendly | Moving Tips


Stable, stackable and as cost-effective as possible: these are the requirements for moving boxes, an indispensable component of every move. Nowadays, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to procuring this necessary tool. A popular saving tip advises you to ask at the supermarket for free banana boxes. But experts warn against this solution. Here you can inform our experienced removal consultants comprehensively about the topic of moving boxes. 

1. banana boxes - not the best alternative to moving boxes

Under urban myths, we understand since the worldwide spread of the Internet fairy tales, anecdotes and other information whose source cannot be traced. Our experienced relocation consultants count the banana boxing savings as one of the modern myths that are undaunted on the internet.

The disadvantages in brief:
  • – Sharp edges
  • – Inside rounded corners
  • – A big hole in the lid
  • – Lack of hygiene
Free moving boxes on the Internet

It is more promising to search the Internet for small ads for moving boxes for free as a gift. At Ebay  you will find numerous offers throughout Germany. However, you usually have to pick up the boxes yourself.

2. Moving boxes: what to look for?

High stability is the alpha and omega of good cartons. This of course has its price. Also important is the right size. These are, according to experts, the ideal dimensions: 12-in x 10-in. Most moving boxes have this or a similar size. This corresponds to a volume of about 60 liters and a weight of 65 to 80 lbs - that should be easy for any movers to carry.

Important: well-processed handle holes A neat moving box can be easily stacked. Normally, five boxes are stacked in a van. In addition, the engagement holes determine how well a carton can be lifted.

3. Buy cheap moving boxes

Practical: Order parcels online If you order the boxes for your move on the Internet, you should for the reasons mentioned above to cheap products make a bow. Experts estimate that good moving boxes cost at least two euros apiece. If you pay less than one euro for a new moving box, you can expect lower quality.

Also Moving Company Los Angeles offers when moving quality moving boxes as part of moving services.

Our boxes have been thoroughly tested and will be delivered to your address in the desired quantity. This saves you the effort of comparing on the Internet and having to arrange a separate delivery. Book this service easily and conveniently in our relocation planner, or talk to your personal relocation consultant. In the following chart you will find an overview of the boxes we offer and the associated costs.

4. Buy used cartons

On the Internet, you will find numerous offers to buy used moving boxes. You should only consider ads that show a photo of the boxes. A sign of a good moving box is the name of a well-known forwarder, which is always printed clearly visible on the box. Then you can clarify details, either by e-mail or with a phone call. Make sure that the boxes are really good and they are not cheap. As a rule, buying used cartons is only worthwhile if you find a seller in your area.

5. Borrow moving boxes

A cheap alternative to buying the moving boxes is the possibility to borrow. There are now several platforms on the Internet. After the move, you can return the boxes. In addition, the company calculates beside the delivery costs a small cent amount per box and one to two euro pledge. If the cartons have survived the move well, you will receive back your deposit.

Rent environmentally friendly boxes
Do you move in winter when rain or snow is expected? You prefer reusable plastic boxes, cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard? Then you should consider borrowing so-called moving boxes. In California, various companies offer these plastic boxes.

6. How many moving boxes do you need?

The number of boxes needed can roughly be calculated according to the type of household. You differentiate between these 3 types:

- Minimalist
- Average Consumer
- Collector

The minimalists:

Minimalists are therefore frugal contemporaries whose household really contains only the bare essentials. Although they exist in California, they are likely to be in the minority in our comfort-oriented consumer society. These people usually come up with only half of the boxes that are normally needed.

The normal consumers:

Normal consumers are people who live in a non-overcrowded apartment. This type of persons also pick things up in a closet or cellar that he does not really need – but does not want to throw away. Normal consumers can calculate the demand of their cartons with the following rule of thumb.

The collectors:

Collectors can hardly be found in the inner cities of California metropolises because they need too much space. Collectors preserve and cannot easily separate from things. They usually need at least twice or three times the number of boxes.

The rule of thumb:
  • 5-10 boxes for a studio
  • 11-15 moving boxes for average size 1 bedroom
  • 3-5 boxes for every additional person


The Best Professional Movers - Moving Company Los Angeles

In conclusion, it all boils down to trusting the professionals, as every good relationship of any kind should be based on trust. From speaking with your Moving Coordinator to arrange your move to meeting your experienced moving team, our common goal is to take care of you and make your move stress-free. That being said, we expect nothing less than a 5-star move for each and every customer. in fact, 33% of our customers come as referrals from previous valued customers.

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