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7 Tips For Easy Moving With Fridge | Moving Company Los Angeles


The fridge is one of the household appliances that are difficult to transport. Not only the size and weight pose enormous challenges to the relocation helpers. The delicate cooling fins on the back of the unit require special attention. Moving Company Los Angeles movers have gained a lot of experience in thousands of moves and tell you how to move your fridge safely into the new apartment.

Experienced movers make moving with fridge easier.

If you really want to avoid damage to your removals – and especially to your body – you should hire experienced removal companies who are very familiar with the transport of refrigerators and other heavy items. If you organize your move with Moving Company Los Angeles, we will offer the best movers for your needs. They know their way around bulky goods and know how to transport them professionally. Using our moving request form, you can see how much it costs you. There you will receive a free and non-binding offer.

1. Prepare your fridge

Logically, the refrigerator should be empty if you want to move it. Therefore, start to empty your fridge in time. For the moving day itself, a cool box is recommended in which you can take food, snacks, and drinks in your private car.

2. Clear out early and pack accessories

If you do the move yourself, it's best to start preparing the day before. Ask a neighbor or friend to keep your refrigerator residue until you move. So you can do all the time-consuming procedures before the van arrives. The day before the move or at the latest in the morning of the deadline you completely empty the refrigerator and switch it off. Remove any loose parts from the refrigerator and wrap the shelves and vegetable compartments in a cardboard box that you label accordingly. How to find the accessories again.

3. Defrosting is faster with a saucepan

For transport, it is important to defrost the freezer - and in case of heavy ice inside the fridge itself -; otherwise, water will run out in the transporter and possibly damage other items to be moved. Puddles also quickly become a stumbling block. A tip: put a saucepan with hot water in the tray. The hot steam spreads inside and brings the ice to melt faster. Bear in mind that defrosting takes a while and any water spills out. So, thaw out the day before to save stress on the move day.

4. Clean the device before packing

When the device has reached room temperature, clean it. Wipe all interior surfaces with a gentle detergent and dry off the fridge well. Also, wash the accessories so that you can use a sparkling clean fridge in the new apartment.

5. Pack the fridge safely

First, glue the fridge door, preferably with a fabric tape that leaves no adhesive residue. When packing, the delicate cooling fins require special attention. The cooling fins are the heart of a fridge because it circulates the coolant. Wrap the cooling fins securely in bubble wrap or a thick layer of old blankets. Then secure this packing with a layer of cardboard. To avoid scratches, wrap the refrigerator completely with blankets before transport. Also, make sure to secure the power cord securely.

6. The right technology for the staircase

Fridges are not only big and unwieldy, they also weigh a lot. A large copy can weigh up to 500 lbs. If you organize your move yourself, you should definitely schedule four people to move the fridge through the stairway to the van. A sack truck or a so-called transport dog (a four-wheeler) facilitates the move. You can borrow these tools from any hardware store.

7. Flip sideways and off you go!

To get a grip on the fridge, first tilt it slightly on its side. So one or two movers on one side can reach under the fridge and lift it. In this position, you can also push the hand truck into the fridge. If you need muscle, then tilt the fridge to the other side and lift it up. Communication, for example, the proven commando, one, two, three ', is important so that all the movers tackle together at the same time. For moving over the stairs, two movers support the refrigerator from the front down while the other two carriers navigate the fridge at the top. The two front aides have to bear the brunt.

The Best Professional Movers - Moving Company Los Angeles

In conclusion, it all boils down to trusting the professionals, as every good relationship of any kind should be based on trust. From speaking with your Moving Coordinator to arrange your move to meeting your experienced moving team, our common goal is to take care of you and make your move stress-free. That being said, we expect nothing less than a 5-star move for each and every customer. in fact, 33% of our customers come as referrals from previous valued customers.

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