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Where are pans and pots or where did you put the porcelain? The right labeling of moving boxes prevents chaos and saves time. Under all circumstances, you should immediately recognize what is in a box. Clear writing, different colors and professional templates make your work easier for you and your helpers. Here we tell you everything you need to know about how to label moving boxes.

1. Easily visible label on the move boxes

If you or your movers have to search long for the label, so valuable time is lost. The labeling of the moving box should be on the two sides of the handle. The label on the top can therefore no longer read. Perfectionists install the lettering on all sides and top. Then you know under all circumstances, what's in the box. A thick, black felt pen that is waterproof, for example, a permanent marker is perfect for labeling. Please write in block letters. This makes decoding much easier.

Ideal: permanent marker for labeling

2. The correct label of the label

Most important is the listing of the content. To avoid confusion, you should specify the room for which the moving box is intended.

The following information facilitates the handling of the moving boxes:
- Fragile
- Weight: heavy, medium or light
- Upright!
- room

Number boxes and divide list:
Numbering each box requires planning and some time. However, numbering makes it easier for you to keep track of things. The prerequisite is that you have enough time to pack the boxes. You can create the list of numbered boxes during packing by hand or using apps on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The digital version allows you to share the list with your relocation carers. So everyone knows what's in the box number and where it belongs.

3. The color code: wordless communication

The sun is setting and there are twenty boxes left in the truck? Sometimes the move counts minutes and seconds. To label the boxes, use different colored labels, for example, yellow for the kitchen, red for the bathroom and blue for the bedroom. So everyone immediately recognizes for which room the box is intended. In addition, the color code facilitates the stacking of the moving boxes in the truck.

Relax and pack

If you plan to move, you can ask Moving Company Los Angeles’s experienced moving staff to pack and unpack the moving boxes. With our online moving quote form, you can find out immediately how much it will cost you.

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Legend for the color code

With colored tapes, you can label moving boxes in no time – even if you do not wrap the contents yourself. However, the color code requires a legend to be really helpful: make several copies of a list that explains the color code. Give each relocation helper a list and stick the legend to the door of the new apartment. Please also mark the doors of the rooms with the corresponding colors to avoid confusion.

4. Second-hand moving boxes and loaned goods

If you use used moving boxes, old labels can confuse you and your movers. Overlap useless marks with large, new labels. If this is not possible, delete invalid labels clearly. If you borrow moving boxes instead of buying, you should be able to easily remove labels after finishing the job. So-called adhesive pads make it possible to attach paper and then remove it without leaving a trace.

What is really important when buying and renting moving boxes, you will find in our blog post moving boxes: buy, borrow or go eco-friendly ?

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