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There are a number of reasons for moving collections, such as relocation, renovation, or rearrangement of collections. Moves may involve relocating the whole or part of a collection, within a building or complex of buildings or offsite altogether. This post provides guidance on best practice for moving the library and archive collections but is not intended to address the routine movement of books within a library or archive. A move presents a one-off chance for improving collection care and management, an opportunity to undertake a stock audit, rearrange and upgrade storage, improve housekeeping, and to clean, stabilize and re-house collections

Moving to a new place can really be exciting and hectic at the same time. It involves a lot of things such as valuable items and fragile stuff. Among such things, one category that comes instantly to our minds is the collections we have. A collection can be a vintage wine, records, or valuable toys, etc. Because moving an entire collection is a tricky job,  you must follow several precautionary measures in order not to damage your stuff. Follow these important tips to move your collection in a safer and sound way:

Get your collection insured:

A collection is very valuable to the holder, much more importantly it’s an emotional aspect to many. So, make sure that you get your valuable collection insured so that any kind of mishap can be countered. Discuss your situation with your insurer and take the appropriate insurance package to secure your collection.

Pack your collection carefully:

The most important thing you can do while moving a collection is packing them items in your collection carefully in an appropriate manner. If you’re moving a record collection, pack each and every record in plastic sleeves. When it comes to wine collection, pack them upside down and avoid packing open bottles.

Label your boxes:

While moving a collection, it’s very important to categorize and label the boxes accordingly. By doing so, you’re making sure that they don’t get mashed up among other boxes. You can label these boxes as fragile, valuable, extra care or any other similar things.

Hire a professional moving company:

The best bet you have while moving a collection is to hire a professional moving company that have the experience and expertise in this area. They know what to do and how to do, so that you can simply relax and let them do the job for you.

Moving may take place between a number of different rooms or buildings. The main areas of concern will be the environment, floor strength, and physical protection for the building. During a move collection items may pass through a number of different environments: their original location, rooms leading to the outside of the building, the removals truck, interim storage and their final destination. Collections items are sensitive to changes in the environment, especially parchment/vellum books, bound archives, and documents, which are at greatest risk of distortion, caused by fluctuations in relative humidity levels. Relative humidity (RH) and temperature levels should, if possible, be monitored for at least a year in advance of a move, especially at the original location and final destination.

Before moving books, the architect or structural engineer must assess floor loading capacity. Their findings will determine how the collection is moved and stored, the rate at which items are removed from shelves, the number of people required, the area available for stacking crates and the frequency with which they have to be removed from the premises and unloaded at their destination. 

The Best Professional Movers - Moving Company Los Angeles

In conclusion, it all boils down to trusting the professionals, as every good relationship of any kind should be based on trust. From speaking with your Relocation Coordinator to arrange your move to meeting your experienced moving team, our common goal is to take care of you and make your move stress-free. That being said, we expect nothing less than a 5-star move for each and every customer. in fact, 33% of our customers come as referrals from previous valued customers.

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Best Movers on Yelp

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