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Where To Get Free Boxes For Moving? - Movers' Blog | MCLA


The city or town you live in should be able to offer you a number of good places to get free moving boxes. All you have to do is take a closer look.
Large supermarkets or big grocery stores get deliveries on a daily basis. So they are probably your best chance of getting free moving boxes in good conditions. Get in contact with a few big supermarkets in your area and see if they have moving boxes to give away. If yes, ask their availability for the pick-up time.

3 major risks of using second-hand moving boxes:

If your boxes are not strong enough, they may break under the weight when being carried around and the items inside them will probably break too when they hit the ground. Your boxes might be not clean enough. They could damage the items inside them or even be harmful to your health and the health of the people around you. Especially if there’s some kind of vermin or cockroach infestation or mold growth.

  • If your boxes are not dry enough, they will have a number of weak spots. That will lead to serious Moving day safety concerns.
    However, there are a couple of somewhat hidden risks as well when you choose to find free moving boxes or to get cheap moving boxes.
  • Lost time: Your mission to find cheap or free moving boxes may be successful in the end. But how much time did you lose in the process? Don’t forget to factor in the hours or days you’ve spent. Because the time factor is one of the most important ones during a residential move. If you manage to save money by collecting free moving boxes but lose 2 entire days (or more!) during that hunt, then maybe you didn’t save much in the end, did you?
  • Extra expenses. Driving around your neighborhood or city, or visiting various businesses in your area in search of free cardboard boxes will not only cost you time, but it will incur extra costs as well, like gas money.

Local businesses

Retail stores and medium-sized local businesses get frequent shipments of goods delivered directly to them. They will have plenty of cardboard containers in all shapes and sizes. Such local businesses dispose of those corrugated cardboard boxes in an environmentally-friendly way – that is, to recycle them properly. And as you can imagine, if somebody can spare them those cardboard recycling efforts, then that’s even better for them. Find below a pretty detailed list of places that offer free cardboard moving boxes. Go to a few large retail stores, speak with their managers, and see what they will tell you. Basically, the worst that can happen is for them to say No. So you can only win from your decision to save money on packing materials. Your smart decision to look for free moving boxes,  will let you save big on your upcoming residential move.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers house numerous individual stores. These stores also tend to have more cardboard boxes than they know what to do with. Shoe boxes can be ideal for fitting the smaller items you own.

  • Home electronics stores: The boxes you can find in such electronics stores are almost always clean. Simply because they have been used for transportation of electronic devices. Some of these containers can be too big, but hey, that’s okay. You can always cut them up and use the cardboard itself for various protective purposes.
  • Bookstores: Again, the containers you will find there are as clean as they can get. Also, cartons for transportation of books are usually stronger. They should come very handy for your collection of books or for some other heavier things in your home.
  • Liquor stores: Specialized liquor stores usually have stronger boxes designed to withstand the extra weight of glass bottles. Some of the containers  will be plastic, and that’s even perfect.
  • Recycling centers: Well, most cardboard boxes end up right there in various recycling centers. The good news is that not all containers that go there are in bad shape. So, if there’s a recycling center in your vicinity, plan a quick visit there first. It may save you loads of time and efforts. Just remember to be fairly picky about the condition of the boxes you agree to take home with you.

Professional Movers of Los Angeles

As mentioned above, getting something for free is great, but there’s usually another price to pay for that – your time. It’s definitely a good idea to contact a few reputable local movers and see what offers they will give you. They may be able to offer you cheap moving boxes. Moreover, they can offer you a  package price for a packing service that includes the cost of all packing materials. Should you find yourself in need of boxes and packing materials, give your local Moving Company Los Angeles a call and one of our friendly relocation coordinators will be more than happy to assist you! Let’s get you moved! -Moving Company Los Angeles

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